Sarah Joue Un Loup Garou

Sarah Joue Un Loup Garou

Spielfilm Deutschland / Schweiz 2017

Sarah Joue Un Loup Garou Header
Produktionsjahr: 2017
Länge: 86 Min
Produktion: Intermezzo Films, Luc Peter / Mnemosyn Films, Charlie Petersmann / Deutsche Film -und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Genre: Spielfilm
Regie: Katharina Wyss
Autoren: Josa Sesink / Katharina Wyss
Kamera: Armin Dierolf
Musik: Conrad Oleak

Darsteller: Loane Balthasar, Michel Voïta, Manuela Biedermann, Simon Bonvin, Sabine Timoteo, Annina Walt, Monica Budde, Jeanne De Mont, Amélie Peterli

Story: On stage 17-year-old Sarah gives it her all. When she performs there is this instant of suspense in which she appears to transform completely into her character. But what lies behind Sarah’s radical stage presence? A dark secret she is trying to express; A claustrophobic family environment, which she cannot break free from; Her longing for someone she can confide in. But the more vehemently Sarah expresses this desire, the more she ends up alienating the people willing to get close to her. A few days from the life of an outsider and her incessant struggle to escape her solitude.